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Greatest & Acoustic Hits vinyl on June 30th

Non-picture disc versions of the recent Record Store Day 'Greatest Hits' and 'Acoustic Hits' vinyl releases will be out June 30th. Both are up for pre-order at Amazon US - Greatest / Acoustic. Other pre-order links can be found at Super Deluxe Edition.
Thanks, Andreas, Craig and Benj.

How America Fell In Love With The Cure

From Observer:

"By 1987, The Cure had been leading the British post-punk scene for over a decade. But here in America, unless you were a devotee of independent record stores and college radio, the legendary group was still something of a well-kept secret.

That all changed 30 years ago today.

Soon after The Cure released their ambitious double album Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me on May 25, 1987, their infectious singles like “Just Like Heaven” were dominating U.S. radio.
“I’m a sucker for short and sweet hit pop songs [like ‘Just Like Heaven’]. And ‘Why Can’t I Be You?’ does the trick for me [too],” says guitarist for Bauhaus Daniel Ash, whose post-Bauhaus band Love & Rockets also enjoyed the after-effects of Kiss Me in 1989 with their smash hit “So Alive.”

Partially recorded at the famed Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me interjected the dark tones of their earlier work with elements of bleeding edge R&B, Prince-esque funk grooves, warm jazz and dreamy psychedelic pop that caught fire on such prominent American radio stations as Los Angeles’s KROQ and New York’s WLIR."

Read the rest at Observer.

Some more articles celebrating the 30th anniversary of 'Kiss Me' at Bible Urbaine and Frankenpost.

Lol will be in San Diego today

'Cured' paperback out in the UK

'Cured' book tour coming to the UK & Ireland

Tom Sheehan interview in Classic Pop

SUE readers rank all 225 Cure songs

Slicing Up Eyeballs recently conducted a poll of their readers, asking them to rank their top 25 Cure songs, and the results have now been posted:

#225 - Why Can't I Be Me?
#200 - Return / The Reasons Why (Tie)
#150 - Gone! / Stop Dead / Where the Birds Always Sing (Tie)
#100 - Last Day of Summer / Wrong Number (Tie)
#50 - M
#40 - Three Imaginary Boys
#30 - Prayers For Rain
#20 - A Letter to Elise
#10 - A Night Like This
#1 - A Forest

Read the complete list at Slicing Up Eyeballs.

Curespottings & Covers updated

The Curespotting and Cure Covers pages have been updated.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

So what has Robert been up to lately?

Well, if you believe "the fucking internet', he's been buying guitars and writing lyrics.

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Reeves & His Imaginary Friends tour in July

From Reeves on Facebook:
Save the date! We're planning a short tour by Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends in July 2017.

July 14-15 * Nashville TN * Details TBA
(Showcases in conjunction with Reverend Guitars at NAMM)

July 18 * Toledo OH * Visit Reverend Guitars

July 18 * Maumee OH * The Village Idiot
Facebook Event Page

July 20 * New York NY * Details TBA

July 21 * Marlboro NY * The Falcon, details TBA

July 22 * Troy NY * The Hangar, details TBA

July 25 * New Haven CT * Cafe Nine
Facebook Event Page

July 28 * Louisville KY * Time + Space
Facebook Event Page

July 29 * Lexington KY * The Green Lantern
Facebook Event Page

July 30 or 31 * Nashville TN * Details TBA

We'll post details & create event pages with ticket links -- as soon as we confirm each show. Meanwhile, please be patient -- and thanks!

P.S. Have a listen to our album while you're waiting. It's at

More 'Cured' events in June


Jun 10, 2017 (11am) - San Diego, CA
Vinyl Junkies Record Swap
Casbah San Diego
2501 Ketner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
Tickets are $3 at the door

Jun 20, 2017 (6pm) - Berkeley, CA
Mad Monks Center for Anachronistic Media
2454 Telegraph Ave,
Berkeley, CA 94704

Jun 21, 2017 (5:30pm) - San Francisco
VIP Evening with Lol Tolhurst
This event is limited to 40 people and will include a spoken word performance, question and answer session and the chance to get a photo or an autograph. Address will be provided to ticket holders 24 hours prior to the event. Buy tickets here.

Jun 21, 2017 (8:30pm) - San Francisco
VIP Evening with Lol Tolhurst (late)
This event is limited to 40 people and will include a spoken word performance, question and answer session and the chance to get a photo or an autograph. Address will be provided to ticket holders 24 hours prior to the event. Buy tickets here.

Perry talks about 'Wish'

The Cure's 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me' Revisited

From The Quietus:

"It would have been at some point in late 1987, my senior year of high school, and it would have been in one of the two English literature courses I was taking that year. (Because I sure as hell didn’t want to do phys ed classes after I didn’t have to any more.) I had heard this song 'Just Like Heaven' on the radio and was randomly enthusing about it, because it was really good and all. I remember my classmate Susan Orozco - who regularly preferred to dress all in black, like a small coterie of people at our high school - saying in response “Yeah, but I think they sold out.” My reaction was essentially confusion - the class was about to start and I just wasn’t sure what to make of it. What was there to sell out from? And if it sounded this good, why complain?

A couple of years back I celebrated The Head On The Door’s 30th anniversary for tQ and so here I am again a couple of years later with the next album along the way. So I won’t try to add anything further to the potted band history I already gave in that feature, except to note an extension. After that album’s well-deserved success in the UK and elsewhere (especially on incipient alternative radio in the US) the temporarily stable lineup of Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Lol Tolhurst, Porl Thompson and Boris Williams, spent 1986 dealing with retrospection colliding with the present. The Standing On The Beach singles collection - easily one of the best of its era, hands down, a perfect illustration of just how Smith and company’s pop instincts had been on since the start - served as both a good reason to hit the road some more and create a great concert film in The Cure In Orange while they were at it. "

Read the rest at The Quietus.

Great technical article about Cure Tour 2016

From ET Now:

PRG XL Video Supply Lighting and Video for The Cure World Tour  
Iconic rock band The Cure recently completed a 76 date world tour with lighting, video and rigging supplied by PRG XL Video. The lighting and video design was by Angus 'Mac' MacPhail, with creative input from lead singer and founding member of The Cure, Robert Smith.

Mac explained the creative process behind bringing the production to life, and how they dazzled the expectations of die-hard Cure fans: “It’s important to note that Robert Smith was very hands-on with the design for the show; he’s been as much a member of our creative team as he has a band member. When Robert and I first discussed the design, we wanted a very simple look, where the set is the lighting rig and it’s a very clean, uncluttered stage. We started off with the idea for a curved screen at the back of the stage, added a curved riser and pulled the ends of the truss back to extenuate the curved look. The different lighting looks we used was kept simple, but precise and well-executed, for happy songs we used bright colourful lighting, and for moody songs, we adjusted the lighting accordingly.”

PRG XL’s event services co-ordinator, Ben Hornshaw performed the role of lighting programmer, and worked closely with Mac and Robert on all the live shows and in the pre-production stage: “We’re confident the fans really enjoyed the show, there was an awful lot of lighting and video technology on stage. The band played a fan-based show which lasted for just under three hours made up not only of hits, but also album tracks and lesser known B sides.”

The Cure's Pornography As Psychedelic Post Punk Masterpiece

From The Quietus:

"While punk did indeed make a lasting impression on those who were touched by it, there were enough influences coming through from the 60s to also make a difference in the early 80s. The passage of time has served to rub out the impact that psychedelics made on the music of the post-punk era, but LSD was still popular and a strange legislative loophole meant that magic mushrooms were legal on the proviso that they weren't prepared in any way. In theory, picking and eating them at source wouldn't be tarnished by the threat of legal sanction.

It was in this environment, with the real world issues of the threat of nuclear war and harsh economic conditions also looming, that The Cure - then a trio of guitarist and vocalist Robert Smith, bassist Simon Gallup and drummer Lol Tolhurst - released their fourth album, Pornography. Dark, claustrophobic and densely packed, it unwittingly set a benchmark for subsequent generations while adjusting the vernacular for psychedelic music. Made under the influence of LSD and alcohol and in tense circumstances, it not only concluded a run of albums that had seen the band's sound evolve over a period of four years, it would also destroy that incarnation of the group."

Read the rest at The Quietus.

Cure sales were strong on Record Store Day

Simon recording a track for Michael Ciravolo

Roger at the Spanish Grand Prix


Lol is working on a new project

Pearl at the Malibu Guitar Festival

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