Friday, March 6, 2015

Photos from Pearl's opening reception

More photos at WireImage and Getty Images. (Thanks Debi)

And some photos from AndyTheCureFan. (Thanks Andy)

Story at Hollywood Reporter. Pearl on a Cure reunion: “Can never say no, because how many times have I left The Cure and rejoined them?” laughs Thompson. “At the present time it doesn’t really seem like an option.”

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New interview & music from Pearl

The Tortoise and the Hare Experience have a very nice 74 minute interview with Pearl, and also some music from Pearl's new projects.

Pearl Thompson art exhibit starts tonight

A new collection of paintings entitled

Pearl Thompson, Pink Sun, (2014)

Mr Musichead Gallery
Presents the US Premiere art exhibition
By legendary rock guitarist, Pearl Thompson,Original member of iconic British rock band, The Cure

Exhibition Dates:  March 6 - 19, 2015

Opening Reception:  Thursday, March 5, 2015 @ 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Los Angeles, CA. (February 23, 2015) On Thursday, March 5th, Pearl (aka Porl) Thompson, an English musician best known for his work with The Cure will display original works at the Mr Musichead Gallery in Hollywood, CA.   Pearl Thompson will display a visually inspiring collection of work that he has worked on for the past several years.  These paintings are inspired by his journeys through the canyons of Malibu and the surrounding desert area.  He is moved by the energy and deep underlying spirit that flowers through the rock formations and cactus reminding him of a giant ancient time capsule.  Pearl Thompson states, "I like to step back and take on another perspective, see the visions, intense colors, shadows and life seeing through the eyes of birds."

This will be the first solo exhibition for the artist showcasing his mixedmedia paintings. Thompson's new work is vastly different from the older artwork featured on some of The Cure's most famous albums.  His artwork today is mainly acrylic on canvas with intentional brushstrokes and colorful slashes of light and is a real celebration of his evolution.

Pearl Thompson's new work was noticed when photographer Lisa Johnson captured his image with his guitar in her tabletop book 108 Rock Star Guitars and then introduced him to gallery owner Sam Milgrom.  "The same passion that infused his guitar wizardry is very present in his art work.  The color schemes and brush strokes are both moving and alluring."  - Sam Milgrom, owner, Mr Musichead Gallery.

Pearl (Porl) Thompson was part of the original lineup of The Cure, which also included Robert Smith, Michael Dempsey, and Lol Tolhurst  when the band was first formed in 1976.  Thompson left the Cure in 1994 to play with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin during the Page & Plant tour of 1995.

In 2002, Thompson also had an exhibition of his paintings in Cornwall, UK entitled "100% SKY". A book co-written with Sarah Brittain also entitled "100% Sky" was published in conjunction with the exhibition.

For more information: (Thanks Debi)

Update (02/25/15): Confirmed with the gallery on Instagram, Pearl will be at the artist reception on March 5th. This page says to RSVP to

Update (03/05/15): 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pedal Finder interview with Reeves

Nice interview with Reeves at Pedal Finder. From Reeves on Facebook: "This new interview is for those interested in my guitar sounds and especially the effects pedals I choose and use -- present, past and in between. Enjoy. rg"

Win a pair of Glove t-shirts from SUE

 Slicing Up Eyeballs is giving away 4 pairs of Glove t-shirts.

TO ENTER: In the comments section below (at SUE, not here at CoF), name your favorite song off Blue Sunshine and let us know why you think it’s so great. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “I HEART THE GLOVE.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EST Friday, March 13. After that point, we’ll select four winners at random, who will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. Important: If the winners do not reply to their notification emails within 48 hours, new winners will be drawn (hey, it happens). One entry per person.

The Curse plays 'Staring at the Sea' March 7th

Monday, March 2, 2015

'Hey You!!!' in London (Multicam)

The Cure - Hey You!!!
(Hammersmith Apollo Dec. 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 2014)
Multicam version by Francois

This one's for our friend Adam Christopher (@ghostfinder). BTW, if you like the show 'Elementary', buy a copy of Adam's new tie-in book, 'The Ghost Line'. Not a fan? No problem, Adam has many other books for you. :)

'Shake Dog Shake' in London (Multicam)

The Cure - Shake Dog Shake
(Hammersmith Apollo Dec. 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 2014)
Multicam version by Francois

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

'Close To Me' cover used in Facebook ad

I doubt Robert will be pleased with this. He's repeatedly voiced his dislike of "Spacebook". So, no, I seriously doubt he approved this. Someone remind me again, do artists get any say when ads use cover versions of their songs? (Thanks Darren)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Reeves interview

Great interview with Reeves over at Guitar Moderne. A few of the Cure bits (there's lots more, especially for those interested in all of the gear he's using, so go read it):

"When I joined The Cure, Robert [Smith] knew what he was in for: there was some apprehension that I was going to ruin it. We kept it quiet and didn’t announce it through the first show I did with them. I came in as a guest for the summer of 2012, and then they asked me to join the band after the first seven shows. Their fan base is so huge—their Facebook page has 6.7 million members. There was a chat going on at an unofficial website where I got an 87% approval rating.

I really wanted to do that stuff right. I am not the best parts player, but half the night I have to play what’s on the record—and you can’t play a blues lick if you fuck up, you are either right or wrong. So half the set is playing the correct parts with the right sound, but trying to keep it fresh and let it evolve somehow. About a quarter of the set, is knowing what the chords are, but having room to use different textures from night to night. The last quarter I get to play whatever I want."

"When I started with The Cure, I just brought a bunch of pedals over. I had ten days to learn fifty songs, put a pedal board together and find the sounds. There were two brand new 100-watt Hiwatts and a 120-watt Orange in their storage space, so I ran those through 4x12s, all clean—I did everything with the pedalboard. I used a Blackstone Appliances distortion. For the first time I was getting all my gain through pedals.

We use wedges for monitors and I use Etymotic ER-20 earplugs. I had in-ears through the late ’90s early 2000s but I came into The Cure at the last minute and didn’t want to have to mess with them. Plus I like it because I can move around to adjust my mix. The earplugs cut about 18db, enough to get me through eight-hour rehearsals. The Cure is a hard-working band. We have about 97 active songs. When you do four-hour sets you are going to run through 40 songs. There are some songs that are 15 minutes long but some are two and a half minutes."

And  a new project with Jason:

"I just started a thing called High Hat with Gary Husband on keyboards, Jason Cooper from the Cure on drums, Tony Grey on bass, and a trumpet player named Ian Smith, who has the Miles thing and also sounds like he is playing through a ring modulator—but does it with his lip. Right now we are just improvising for four or five hours at a time trying to get the internal vocabulary developed. We might take it out with songs or just keep it improv. I have done things like this with Club D’Elf in Boston and it might be the territory I am most comfortable in, even though I am kind of a rockist at heart."

Argentinean Cure Tribute album

"Habla Mi Idioma  - Un Tributo a The Cure
(Speak My Language - The Cure Tribute)

This is a new tribute bands compilation from Argentina, available for  free download via Bandcamp:
17 tracks from Argentinean bands.

This is a preview on Youtube. This tribute was made from followers of this Facebook fan page."
(Thanks Marina)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

'Pictures of You (Extended remix)' on new CD

From Andreas: "This CD contains the extended Re-Mix of "Pictures of You" (not the Dub-Mix). It's for the first time on CD."

3 Cure songs in SUE's Top 100 Songs of 1980

The Cure placed 3 songs in the Slicing Up Eyeballs Top 100 Songs of 1980 poll. 'A Forest' is # 2, 'Play For Today' #27, and 'M' #89.

Robert on cover of 'Post-Punk 1978-1985'

"Robert Smith on cover of "Post-Punk 1978-1985" book by & Pierre Terrasson. Out Feb 12th at FNAC. For Amazon, it's Feb 26th." (Thanks @guillaume_g_z)

Roger is giving away old Cure shirts

Roger has a sort of promotion/competition on his Facebook. Do what he says and maybe he'll send you an old Cure shirt from 87-89:

"Look what I found in my cupboard! Amazing Australian artist and mate

These are all original and classic Cure shirts. I do have some doubles and if you go to Jodee's page and like it and then tell us who her favourite artist is I will send you one..."

Cure Tribute event in Japan on April 17th

Facebook event page
(Thanks Ren and FifthDream)

Reeves' Top 5 Tips For Guitarists

Nice article on Reeves at Music Radar, and he also offers his top 5 tips for guitarists. (Thanks Olivier)

Robert Smith's Calendar

'Beautiful Noise' in San Francisco on Feb. 21st

Noise Pop 2015 Film Series
Beautiful Noise (San Francisco premiere)
Roxie Theater
Sat Feb 21 at 9:15PM / $12 // All Ages

There was no machismo, no rockstar posturing, and definitely no gyrating. Save for the occasional tiff they had with pretentious NME journalists, most of the band members were painfully soft-spoken. Geeky, even. Yet the voluminous, woozy sounds of Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine were anything but. For a few short years in the 80s and 90s, the indie music world was struck by a rare moment of introspection that came to an abrupt end with the laddism of Britpop. Diligently tracing the history of a genre that dares not speak its name (shoe-what?), filmmaker Eric Green interviews the mad minds behind the three bands, including the reclusive MBV frontman Kevin Shields. Amongst the support appearances are members from Ride, Slowdive, and Curve as well as keen fans Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan and Robert Smith – the last of whom got married to Cocteau Twin’s “Treasure”. – Sheffield Doc/Fest 

'One Hundred Years' in London (Multicam)

The Cure - One Hundred Years
(Hammersmith Apollo Dec. 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 2014)
Multicam version by Francois